GCCompassion Comes to the Gold Coast

On Tuesday 22 March 2017, sixty-six senior students from eleven high schools on the Gold Coast came together, in partnership with Griffith University and the Compassionate Gold Coast, to shape the future of the city for the Commonwealth Games and beyond. The day started with an introduction by Terry Ayling, Facilitator, Compassionate Gold Coast, and Dr Lynne Reeder, the national facilitator of the Charter of Compassion Australia. Their presentations provided students with an overview of the Charter, its work in Australia, the elements of a compassionate city, and new approaches to compassion.

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20643335423 8d8419abfd b9 Ways You Can Help The Syrian Refugees NOW

The Syrian refugee crisis has reached massive proportions. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have been displaced from their homes and are trying to make a new life elsewhere. Others are stuck in refugee camps, desperately hoping for the chance to move to another country. As you watch the news and read the headlines, it’s easy to feel helpless. Like there’s nothing you can do to make a difference. You want to help, but have no idea what you should do. Thankfully, there are distinct, simple ways you can help that don’t require massive amounts of effort. By taking small actions, you can make a real difference.

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lakeforestparkThe City of Lake Forest Park Re-Affirms Commitment to Charter for Compassion

In the wake of the political rhetoric generated during the Presidential Campaign members of the Lake Forest Park City Council were concerned about our community. On December 8, 2016, the Lake Forest Park City Council passed a resolution reaffirming our commitment to the values of the Charter for Compassion and our participation in the Ten-Year Campaign for Compassion.

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atlantaCompassionate Atlanta Issues Statement on Openness and Understanding

On July 15th, a small faction within the Turkish military engaged in an unsuccessful coup attempt.
The Turkish government has asserted that individuals and non-profit organizations inspired by the ideas of Fethullah Gulen are the perpetrators of the coup attempt, and we are deeply concerned at the actions undertaken in the wake of these allegations, for which substantive evidence has not been provided.
We ask you to stand up and support the principles of democratic and legal process, both in the US and in Turkey; we ask that you speak out against the targeted actions of the Turkish government to suppress opposition and freedom of speech; we ask that you consider speaking out against unsubstantiated demonizing of individuals and organizations by the government of Turkey; and we ask that you speak up for all individuals and organizations engaged in supporting interfaith and intercultural harmony. 

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robinChampion for compassion receives NZMA Chair’s Award

Dr Robin Youngson, a New Zealand anaesthetist internationally renowned for his leadership in compassionate healthcare, was last night awarded the New Zealand Medical Association’s Chair’s Award. Dr Youngson is the co-founder of Hearts in Healthcare, which is inspiring change in countries around the world. Appointments include the Editorial Board of the Journal of Compassionate Healthcare and the Global Compassion Council of the international Charter for Compassion. He’s also the author of the acclaimed book Time to Care – How to love your patients and your job.

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Watch Robin's Ted Talk, Perfectly Broken and Ready to Heal.


greensheikhThe Green Sheikh - One World, One People: One Source of Water
By Brioné LaThrop

I remembered standing around bonding with a dozen or more people in the BrandMoxie offices on the last day of the Global Unity Games, long after His Highness completed his presentation, One World One People: Leadership in Energy Sustainability and Transition on the International Day of Peace. An intimate hour spent in the Sheikh’s company felt like a session with a Life Coach gentling guiding and cheering you towards change. His Highness’ sobering words seemed to resonate with many in the room that evening and have since remained with me to this day. “You came to this life with nothing and you will leave this life with nothing . . . only your good deeds! So, what is your legacy? What will you leave behind and in front of you?,” he queried the audience.

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