Cities and Communities Series. Compassionate Food: Caring for Consumers, Farmers and the Environment

    March 11, 8:00 am PST


    Compassionate communities and cities need healthy and safe food to thrive.

    As part of its activities for a more compassionate Pune, India, we have launched the Annadata movement (Annadata means the provider of food.) The movement aims to connect organic farmers in and around Pune to consumers in the city, and to address shared challenges in the safe food ecosystem. These are expanding awareness of both producers and consumers, building ethical and efficient supply chains, reducing waste, supporting and training organic farmers. The Annadata Citizens’ movement works like an organism which is a coalition of NGOs, entrepreneurs, civic workers, organic farmers, teachers, students, citizens and volunteers.


    The movement takes a holistic view of citizen health and wellbeing, sustainable livelihood for farmers and supply chain, and climate/ecology regenerative agriculture practices. It aligns with the idea of a compassionate city – compassion for ourselves, citizens, farmers, and soil/environment. For more details on Annadata, please see


    In the webinar the presenter Mr. Arun Wakhlu initiator and catalyst of Poorna Pune (Compassionate Pune) will share about:
    1. The larger context of Compassionate Pune
    2. The Citizens’ Safe Food Movement. It’s connection to other components of Compassionate Pune: Education, Health, Sustainability livelihood; and
    3. The key learning which other compassionate cities can follow.
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